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IKEA Hacks: Elevate VEX IQ field with IKEA LACK


There are several building instructions for building an elevated field. However, for parents or teams without 'building' skills, IKEA hacks might be an easier solution. Diagram is shown below, blue solid line represents the VEX IQ 6'x8' field, dotted lines represent the title seams. Notice, there are 2 small gaps around the LACK 90X26, each of them are 90cmX4.5cm. Because the gaps are not on title seams, it shouldn't create any performance issues for competition. Credit: Parent volunteer from team 939A, // Caution Tape Apollo //.

IKEA Hacks: Elevate VEX IQ field with IKEA LACK2021-07-13T17:49:18-04:00

VEX IQ Hero Bot Fling building manual corrections


Once again, VEX has published the Hero Bot for the season Pitching In. However, there are some building errors in the manual. Below are the corrections for the original building manual VEX has published. Corrections Step 22 and 29: Show using a 1.5 pitch standoff. These are not included in the SuperKit itself, but a 1 pitch standoff should work fine. Incorrect: Correct: Steps 64-67 Shows parts needed are ten 1:1 pins, but you need two 1:1 pins and eight 2:1 pins instead. Step 102: Parts list shows 1x2 Corner Connector but needs a 1x2 Offset Corner [...]

VEX IQ Hero Bot Fling building manual corrections2021-06-08T14:39:57-04:00
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