VEX VR with Scratch/Python (R201)

C203 - VEX VR with Scratch and Python

Developing coding solutions with a robot provides a relevant context for engaging students in CS. Robots with sensors and physics integrate CS into STEM. Virtual Playground helps to visualize STEM learning and increase student involvement. Activities provide a structured and approachable STEM learning experience.

Program Highlights

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Weekly Hours: 2 hours, 1 hour class + 1 hour homework
  • Commitment: 24 classes
  • Grade: 3-8
  • Location: Online

Skills Acquired

  • Coding Language: Scratch/Python

Software/Hardware Requirements

  • Web Browser: Chrome 63 or higher, Edge 15 or higher, Firefox 57 or higher, Safari 11 or higher
  • OS: Windows/Mac/Chrome OS

Perquisite Courses

  • C101 – Introduction to Scratch
  • C201 – Introduction to Python

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