In the evolving world of adolescent education, we as parents sometimes forget the importance of allowing our kids to apply the knowledge and skills they worked so hard to acquire. So often for example we see graduates in engineering and science missing the basic skills to apply their knowledge on paper to the real world, and that’s what makes the difference from a successful student to a career professional. 

In our new Maker club, we are inviting students who not only have the prerequisite knowledge from our design and programming classes, but have the desire to apply them into the real world and possibly try their hand at an up-and-coming start-up or business. This club will focus on a project-based learning environment, where students pitch ideas that solve a problem or need in today’s world, use their Design, programming and 3D-printing skills to then create a selling product.


Arduino is an open source programmable circuit board that can be integrated into a wide variety of makerspace projects both simple and complex.  This board contains a microcontroller which is able to be programmed to sense and control objects in the physical world. By responding to sensors and inputs, the Arduino is able to interact with a large array of outputs such as LEDs, motors and displays. Arduino is an essential tool for students to develop a variety of projects that they’re passionate about, all while learning skills that STEM industry professionals use on a daily basis.

3D Printing

Traditionally, parents purchase specific kits and parts that focus on a curriculum to teach kids, which gives the students limited freedom to explore their own ideas, passions, creativity. With the power of 3D Printing and an abstract curriculum like our Design courses and Maker Club, students can not only print their ideas to life, but apply further development with the use of Arduino, wiring basics, and various programming techniques to create a unique project.

Allow students to focus their 3D printing and design experience on something they are genuinely interested in and you will be amazed at the engagement you will see.

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