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Caution Tape Robotics Club is the leader of VEX Robotics education in Ontario, Canada, and has been inspiring students through robotics education since 2019. With coaches having experience in numerous robotics competitions, including VEX IQ Challenge, VEX Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League, World Robot Olympiad, and have achieved the highest awards including VEX IQ Challenge Teamwork World Champion and VEX IQ Challenge Robot Skills World Champion.

Founder Story

The year was 2016, and as any pro-active parent should, Daniel Yu was searching for an afterschool program in the Greater Toronto Area for his two young teenage boys, who were interested in video games and various RC cars and robots. After enrolling his kids into a local club that focused on STEM education, Daniel had developed a passion for helping young minds in educational, competitive robotics competitions. In 3 years, Daniel has coached 12 VEX IQ teams, 1 VRC team, 31 FLL teams and 11 WRO teams.

In 2019, Daniel Yu started a robotics club called Caution Tape Robotics Club, named after the VRC team he coached in 2018. The name was discovered by students looking to enter their first competition, having accidentally stumbled on a roll of caution tape, it was deemed fit by all teammates. Choosing a name was just the start for this new student centric program, since then Caution Tape team 839 has come a long way and earned numerous international achievements, while learning valuable lessons from coaches, mentors, and other teams.

Our Vision

Inspire students to gain interest in robotics. Help explore its limitless possibilities. Find their inner drive and dream the impossible!


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