VEX IQ Hero Bot Fling building manual corrections

Last Updated: June 8th, 20211.7 min readCategories: Robotics, VEX IQ

Once again, VEX has published the Hero Bot for the season Pitching In. However, there are some building errors in the manual. Below are the corrections for the original building manual VEX has published.


Step 22 and 29: Show using a 1.5 pitch standoff. These are not included in the SuperKit itself, but a 1 pitch standoff should work fine.

Incorrect: Correct:

Steps 64-67 Shows parts needed are ten 1:1 pins, but you need two 1:1 pins and eight 2:1 pins instead.

Step 102: Parts list shows 1×2 Corner Connector but needs a 1×2 Offset Corner Connector

Incorrect: Correct:

Between Steps 105 & 106, a 1×8 support beam just appears on the robot with no mention in the instructions. There is space for two of these beams on the robot.

Step 114: only lists 1 rubber band, but 2 are shown. The mechanism isn’t really functional with only one rubber band. Add a rubber band to make it 2.

Steps 116-117 again show 1×2 Corner Connectors in the parts list but use 1×2 Offset Corner Connectors in the build instructions. It also shows needing 2 of them, but you only need 1.

Incorrect: Correct:

Step 120 has a plastic shaft unaccounted for appearing out of nowhere and is necessary to drive the actual mechanism. Add a 12T gear there.

Step 121 doesn’t show wiring the catapult motor. Plug it into port 4.

The catapult will need small adjustments to the shafts and small pieces to move freely through the big gears.

Credit: Adam Gray in for posting original correction steps, original thread can be found here.

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why would the put the wrong things on the instructions in the first place?

vex luva

it’s true. Why would you put the wrong parts on the instructions in the first place?

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