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How to Choose Robotics Competition for Kids in 2023


VEX IQ Competition (VIQC) vs. FIRST LEGO League (FLL) vs. World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Are you a teacher or coach who would like to start a robotics team? Are you a parent who would like to put your kids in a robotics program? There are quite a few very popular robotics competitions in US and Canada, which one should you consider? This is complete comparison between 3 very popular robotics competition for kids between age 8 to 14 in US and Canada, VEX IQ Challenge (VIQC), FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and World Robot Olympiad (WRO). Let's dive right in. [...]

How to Choose Robotics Competition for Kids in 20232023-01-09T09:49:57-05:00

IKEA Hacks: Elevate VEX IQ field with IKEA LACK


There are several building instructions for building an elevated field. However, for parents or teams without 'building' skills, IKEA hacks might be an easier solution. Diagram is shown below, blue solid line represents the VEX IQ 6'x8' field, dotted lines represent the title seams. Notice, there are 2 small gaps around the LACK 90X26, each of them are 90cmX4.5cm. Because the gaps are not on title seams, it shouldn't create any performance issues for competition. Credit: Parent volunteer from team 939A, // Caution Tape Apollo //.

IKEA Hacks: Elevate VEX IQ field with IKEA LACK2021-07-13T17:49:18-04:00

VEX IQ Hero Bot Fling building manual corrections


Once again, VEX has published the Hero Bot for the season Pitching In. However, there are some building errors in the manual. Below are the corrections for the original building manual VEX has published. Corrections Step 22 and 29: Show using a 1.5 pitch standoff. These are not included in the SuperKit itself, but a 1 pitch standoff should work fine. Incorrect: Correct: Steps 64-67 Shows parts needed are ten 1:1 pins, but you need two 1:1 pins and eight 2:1 pins instead. Step 102: Parts list shows 1x2 Corner Connector but needs a 1x2 Offset Corner [...]

VEX IQ Hero Bot Fling building manual corrections2021-06-08T14:39:57-04:00

Team 839A Wins VEX Innovator Award at VEX Worlds 2021


Our VEX IQ Team 839A joins legendary team VEXU team AURA of Auckland, New Zealand, VRC 169 of Pennsylvania, USA, VRC team 44 Green Egg Robotics of Massachusetts, USA to be 2021's VEX Innovators. VEX Innovator award is awarded to teams that go above and beyond to solve problems creatively, spread positivity, and display excellent sportsmanship. Here is our interview video clip from VEX Worlds 2021.

Team 839A Wins VEX Innovator Award at VEX Worlds 20212021-08-26T15:07:32-04:00

Sharing Our VEX IQ Story – A Parent’s Perspective (Guest Post by Oscar L.)


This post is part of an ongoing series of posts from parents.  We are so excited to be sharing some thoughts and stories from some parents who are deep in trenches of their child's robotics journey. My name is Oscar. This is the story about how my son, Tyler, discovered his passion for robotics, specifically VEX IQ, and what we have learned along the way. Origin Story: Tyler of VEX IQ Challenge Team 839A My son, Tyler, first became intrigued with LEGO when he was still very young. He got his  first LEGO Duplo kit when he wasn’t even [...]

Sharing Our VEX IQ Story – A Parent’s Perspective (Guest Post by Oscar L.)2021-03-02T14:33:56-05:00

Caution Tape Classic VEX IQ Tournament Announce Winners


Markham, ON - February 6, 20201 - Today, Caution Tape Robotics invited 26 teams around the globe to attend first Caution Tape Classic VEX IQ Tournament hosted virtually. Caution Tape Classic is a virtual worldwide event with 26 elementary and middle school teams from several different states, 5 different countries, and 3 different continents (Asia, Europe, and North America). Since 2019, the teams in attendance have amassed 1 World Championship, 11 State/National Excellence Awards, 10 State/National Teamwork Championships, and 7 State/National Skills Championships. Needless to say, this event had some of the most elite organizations across the globe in attendance. [...]

Caution Tape Classic VEX IQ Tournament Announce Winners2021-02-10T08:15:28-05:00

CTRC to Host 1st VEX IQ Remote Skills Tournament – Caution Tape Classic


On Feb 6, 2021, Caution Tape Robotics Club will host a VEX IQ live remote skills tournament featuring teams from 3 continents (America, Europe and Asia), 5 countries (U.S., Canada, Finland, Singapore and Philippines). Event could be watched live at Caution Tape Robotics Club YouTube channel. Teams notable awards received since 2018 VEX Worlds Excellence Award x 1 VEX Worlds Division Champion x 1 State/Provincial/National Excellence Award x 11 State/Provincial/National Teamwork Champion x 10 State/Provincial/National Skills Champion x 7 State/Provincial/National Design Award x 7 State/Provincial/National Skills 2nd Place x 5 Featured Teams U.S. 985B - Spartans from Omaha, Nebraska [...]

CTRC to Host 1st VEX IQ Remote Skills Tournament – Caution Tape Classic2021-02-05T13:54:26-05:00

How to Change font to Cascadia in RobotC


RobotC's default font is Courier New, which is very hard to read. Microsoft has the new recommended font called Cascadia for coding purpose. Let's quickly see how to change it in RobotC. Figure 1. Screenshot of RobotC with font Cascadia. Step 1. Click View > Preferences > Detailed Preferences, or simply Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D Step 2. Click Editor tab, then fonts tab, click the textboox says normal text to change default font. Step 3. Change the font to Cascadia, or any font you like. Click OK to close dialog.

How to Change font to Cascadia in RobotC2021-01-31T14:21:17-05:00
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