IKEA Hacks: Elevate VEX IQ field with IKEA LACK

Last Updated: June 8th, 20210.7 min readCategories: Robotics

There are several building instructions for building an elevated field. However, for parents or teams without ‘building’ skills, IKEA hacks might be an easier solution.

Diagram is shown below, blue solid line represents the VEX IQ 6’x8′ field, dotted lines represent the title seams. Notice, there are 2 small gaps around the LACK 90X26, each of them are 90cmX4.5cm. Because the gaps are not on title seams, it shouldn’t create any performance issues for competition. Above photos are original build from team 939A with custom filler which is 90X35X45cm, but IKEA TV bench 90X26X45cm should do the job just fine without custom building.

Credit: Parent volunteer from team 939A, // Caution Tape Apollo //.

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