How to program VEX IQ precise turn with VEXcode blocks

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In part one drive straight with proportional control of the mini series on how to make reliable programming skills in VEX IQ Challenge. If you haven’t read that post yet, I recommend doing that and then coming back to this post. We will do a square test at the end of this post, which uses the drive straight my block from part one.

839 coding tutorial

Precise turn code snippet for VEXcode Blocks.

VEXcode blocks precise turn

Create a my block for turn. Robot will carry a momentum and continue turning even after the stop command has been sent, so we will stop the motor before robot reaches its target angle.

VEX IQ gyro rotation

Please note VEX IQ gyro sensor has a positive value when turning left, and negative when turning right. For more information about VEX IQ gyro sensor, please check VEX KB Using the VEX IQ Gyro Sensor.

Calling turn my block

VEXcode blocks square test

At the beginning of the program, make sure you set the motor brake mode to brake and calibrate the gyro for 2 seconds. Then you can simply call turn we created earlier.

  • Heading: 90 – target heading that robot should turn to
  • Velocity: 10 – how fast the robot should turn, please note this is an spot turn (left wheel and right wheel travelling at opposite speed at the same time, hense it’s 2x speed)
  • Momentum: 5 – how many degrees you are expecting the robot will carry after it’s stopped. e.g. turning into 90 degrees with 5 as momentum will stop the robot from moving at 85 degrees.

Combining with the part 1 – Drive straight with proportional control, we can do a square test of the robot, the result of the square test can be seen in the video tutorial.

Mini Series – How to make a reliable VEX IQ programming skills

This is the part 2 of the mini series.

  1. Drive straight with proportional control
  2. Precise turn with VEX IQ gyro

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If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

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Thanks! This is super helpful! 😀


When I use the program on my robot, sometimes it is very accurate and turns to 90 degrees exactly and sometimes it will just spin in circles until it thinks that it is at 90 degrees. This has been annoying our team because then we can’t program and when we go to a competition, we don’t know if it will work reliably. Do you think you could do a zoom or google meet to help us fix it sometime this week? We would really appreciate your time.

Brad Sweet

I was using the drive straight code and your turn code today. The robot goes straight, turns left, goes straight, turns right, and then stops and will not complete the code. (go forward) . It seems like it is not completing the previous turn, but the gyro reading on the brain says it is. Is there a timer that can time out and have the code proceed?
Thank you! Very frustrated, Brad Sweet

Will C

Sorry know it’s been a while since you posted this but this is the only that I can find on the topic, I was wondering what the “momentum” code part meant. I understand you gave a example but I just wondering what we put there depending on the turn if that makes sense

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